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METROSTAV a.s. is a universal construction company, covering with its activities the whole territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia and also working in other countries.

METROSTAV a.s. is currently among the largest construction companies in the Czech Republic and the products of its high workmanship can be met in all segments of the construction market and in numerous construction projects.

METROSTAV a.s. is active in the following key areas:

Public Buildings
Public construction, administrative buildings, shopping centres, hotels, schools, theatres, structures for sports

Residential Buildings
Family houses, blocks of flats

Industrial Construction
Power plants, industrial structures, buildings for industry, storage tanks, waste water treatment plants, water purification plants

Transport Construction
Roads and paved areas, railways, bridges, embankments, platforms, tracks

Subway System / Metro
Construction of the routes of the Prague Metro

Underground Construction
Underground works, both excavation and driving, tunnels, underpasses, shafts, galleries, bores

Other Projects
Water Management Works - river training, channels, weirs, reservoirs
Local and Long-distance Utility Networks - networks, mains, water supply pipelines, sewage systems, gas piping, electricity lines and cable conduits, steam piping
Other Projects - demolition, redevelopment, recultivation, earthwork and ground surface formation

Development constructions
Construction of commercial objects
Construction of flats
Construction of family houses
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